First Financial Servicing offers three services that allow your business to focus resources elsewhere instead of using dollars on mortgage services and collections.

Mortgage servicing:

  • Allows for your company logo to be included on paper statements to your members.
  • Your members will be able to pay their mortgages on line via our 24/7 online banking option.
  • Complete handling of escrow accounts as well as payment processing.
  • End of year tax forms for your membership.
  • Our basis point fee and low cost set up fee allows for your institution to focus on growth rather than on maintenance of existing mortgages.


  • FFS, LLC specializes in maintaining a network of compliant agencies and law firms that understand the unique relationship that exists between a lender  and member.
  • If FFS doesn’t recover funds our client, your institution, does not pay any fee it’s as simple as that.
  • FFS, LLC can take over recoveries from start to finish, meaning from loans current to past due with the goal to get the customer current; to written off through repossession of collateral and suit and ultimate final sale of a portfolio.


  • Monthly noticing
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Proof of Claims (all loan types)
  • Motions to Lift Stay
  • Adversary
  • Objections to Proof of Claims/Chapter 13 plans

Please contact First Financial Servicing CEO Michael Filla at to discuss details and receive a free no obligation evaluation of current practices.