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Who We Are

First Financial Servicing, LLC was founded by First Financial Credit Union as a Credit Union Service Organization, CUSO, offering loan servicing, recovery services, bankruptcy services, and repossession services.

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Who is First Financial Servicing, LLC?

Our Board consists of Michael Filla, Thomas Monticello, Michael Abraham, and Rick Arko

Implementation Rick Arko, CPA:

Managing partner at Call Center Services, LLC.

CEO Michael Filla, NCCO:

Michael started in finance in 2005 by managing a lending office for one of the nation’s big 5 banks. In 2011 he moved on to focus on the recovery aspect of lending, he joined a multi-state check cashing/short-term lender to develop a multi-state recovery network involving collection agencies and law firms ensuring compliance and the customer expectations were met. Michael then moved on to manage recoveries for a multi-state law firm and had staff located in multiple locations, clients include national auto lenders, national banks, debt buyers, and national retailers. Michael has successfully navigated two CFPB Supervisory Reviews with two different companies, in 2019 received NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer certification, and is a member of ACA International. Michael and his wife reside in Oak Park, IL. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

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